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This project arrived in March 2007. It’s a new-build kit coming from Capel Aviation in France.
It is a full dual-control version equipped with a P&W R-1830 (same engine as the DC-3). This aircraft will be available for publicity purposes, air displays and training.
During a 14-month long effort, the aircraft was restored to pristine airworthy condition by FAST. On August 28th 2008 Frédéric took the Yak in the air for a flawless first flight.
After the test-flight program was completed, the aircraft was ferried to his new owner, Mr. Rick Van der Graaf (
This project was an IRAN-type restoration (IRAN=Inspection and Repair As Necessary). All wings have been inspected and repaired where necessary and re-covered with Ceconite. Same goes for all control surfaces.
The fuselage needed new wooden walkways and new wooden bulkheads to be built. It has also been re-covered with Ceconite. All systems have been dismantled for overhaul and we are now in the process of re-installing them. A complete new interior has been hand-made, using the original pattern.
UPDATE: The aircraft has performed its first flawless flight on April 29th 2009.
This very Emeraude was Frédéric’s dad, Mr. Eric Vormezeele’s first aircraft. Bought in 1966, it became the beginning of what was to become an impressive collection.
FAST recently did not hesitate to re-acquire this aircraft as a tribute to Eric.
We are hoping to have the aircraft back in the air during the summer of 2009.
Another exciting aircraft in our workshop is Eric Vormezeele’s FW 190D-9. Although it is mainly being restored by Eric himself, FAST is providing assistance and advice along the process.

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