Flying a warbird is something many people dream about. Today’s modern aircraft equipped with glass cockpits, tri-cycle gear and modern turbine engines, are a huge contrast to the aircraft of the forties and fifties. Many pilots consider a warbird fighter as the ultimate flying machine, but are faced with a lack of proper training to safely operate one. Some of the challenges are, high speeds, engine handling, torque, gyroscopic effect, aerodynamic aspects and the fact that many warbird fighters are taildraggers. Many times owners are invited to display their aircraft at airshows, during a flying routine. Skills such as aerobatic and formation flying are often a requirement for such a routine.

FAST offers warbird owners and operators the opportunity to become familiar with all the aspects of flying a warbird fighter. The training department can rely on several instructors, with instructor experience ranging from Super Cub, T-6, T-28 to TF-51. They have either a professional background in the airline industry or air force.

Training will preferably be completed on customers own aircraft. The following training courses are offered, which can be tailored to customer requirements.:

Taildragger Conversion
Upset Recovery
Formation Flying
Display Flying
T-6/SNJ/Harvard Type Conversion
T-28 Type Conversion
P-51/TF-51 Type Conversion
DHC-2/U-6 Type Conversion