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General information:
Dual cockpit TF-51D “Scat VII” PH-VDF,167 Hrs Since complete restoration started by “Square One”, finished by Airpower Unlimited in 2007. This aircraft, s/n 44-72922 “Scat VII”, was flown by Maj Robin Olds in WWII. The aircraft was completely rebuilt after a crash in 2003 and it was decided to configure it to TF-standard.

Engine Specs:
Rolls Royce- Packard/Merlin V-1650-7, s/n V328932, 167 Hrs SMOH, Transport Heads & Banks, “Vintage V-12’s” (Mike Nixon)

Garmin GNS-530,Garmin GTX-327 Transponder, Ryan TCAD 9900B, Sperry HSI RD-650B, King Comm KTR-908, King Marker Beacon KMR-675, IDC Encoder SSD120-35A, Honeywell Radar Altimeter KRA-450B, New Artex ME-406/P ELT, Precision Vertical Card Compass, Voice Activated, Noise Canceling Intercom System

Additional Equipment:
Whelen Strobe System, Oxygen System- Dual high Pressure, Engine Pre-Oil System, HINZ, Micron Oil By-Pass & Chip Lite Filter System, Sta-Clean Coolant, 50/50 Distilled Water & Water Wetter, Martin Radiator Pacific Oil Cooler Service – Overhauled Cooler, Coolant Pressure Gauge, Pete Regina – Header Tank with Roush Sniffle Valve, Roush Header Tank Pressure Cap, Fighter Enterprises Coolant Door Indicator, Tube-Tech Coolant, Aftercooler & Oil Lines, Aero-Tech overhauled main Fuel Tanks, Fighter Enterprises, Engine Mounts (new), Stits Poly Fiber Covering on Rudder , Large Rod Ends, Main Retract Cylinders, Forward & Aft Coolant Temp Probes, Gun Blisters, Dual Power Inverters, Pioneer Aero Services Aluminum Gear Handle, Fuel Pump (on-off) Switch, Northeast Magnetos, South East Fuel Systems Carburetor, Fighter Enterprises Blower Vent Check Valve, Aero-Tech Services, Aux LH Wing Fuel Tank, 35 U.S. Gallons, 40 lb. Aft Fuselage Baggage Compartment, Wing Stowage Compartment, RH Gun & Ammo Bay, Lodge Spark Plugs, Tall Vertical Fin, Fighter Looking Canopy Glass (not hump back), Inside Canopy Eye Ball (cool air) Vents, Forward & Aft, Bruce’s Canopy Cover & Plugs, Pioneer Aero Services, Oak Wood Exhaust Stack Plugs, Diamond Tread Main Tires


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